Saturday, June 6, 2015

Houston, the Eagle returns

I took this image to test a field flattener lens set that Tim Schott loaned me, I wanted to use my DSLR with my fast F4.7 10" Orion Dob but the focus was inside the draw tube of the OTA. Apparently it works pretty well as it's obviously focused and I can now get about 15° horizontally which is good for solar and lunar imaging of the whole object.

Thanks Tim, I'll return it as soon as I try a couple more tests... if ever the clouds would break open!

Also I was laying on my hammock one evening and saw the moon with this churning jet trail nearby so I grabbed the Nikon and took couple shots. 
I think it's cool ~ the sharp contrast within the moon and the wispy texture of the vapor....
Then I noticed the bird flying high above. I never noticed it by eye, but with a little zooming into the image I discovered a Bald Eagle soaring by! Another image showed his mate soaring a few hundred meters from him.
What a pleasant surprise!