Monday, September 21, 2020

NJAA Tonight - "Astrophysicist In The Making : A 17 Year old's plan for...

As a follower of this blog, you probably remember that NJAA hosted a party last year for Life Member Mitch Revoalski after he achieved his Doctorate in Astrophysics....  Now NJAA is proud to have student Athena York Basu discuss her love for astronomy and her future plans in astrophysics in a video streamed from the NJAA website on September 26 at 8:30pm   (NOTE: this is scheduled for Saturday the 26th of September NOT today as indicated in the link)

Saturday, September 19, 2020

 Kah-Wai Lin saw an opportunity during last night's clear sky to test his new iOptron mount with his Sony A6 and Canon zoom lens. It looks like everything worked fine! I think the Pleiades (M45) image was taken at 300 or 400mm focal length using 30 second subs, while the North America Nebula (NGC7000) was taken at 150mm focal length using 40 minutes of 1 minute subs. Although he took a set of darks he said he didn't use them in post processing.

Excellent images Kah-Wai, especially considering these are your first try at "deep sky" imaging.

Thanks for sharing,


Pleiades (M45)

North America Nebula (NGC7000)

Sunday, September 13, 2020

New Member Kah-Wai Lin's First Deep Sky "Test" Shot

 Welcome to new NJAA member Kah-Wai Lin. A biologist PhD with research experience at Princeton University, he shifted gears and began a career as a professional photographer/lecturer. Travelling to over 60 countries over the years, recently Kah-Wai purchased a new iOptron Sky Watcher Sky Tracker and while testing it out during partly cloudy NJ skies, he took the image below using his Sony A6 camera and Canon  400mm lens.

I wish my first try at deep sky looked this good!  We can look forward to many more of his images here....  Thanks,