Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Comet Neowise C/2020 image improved by stacking.

Al Ernst improved his image of Comet C/2020 (NEOWISE) by stacking it in Nebulosity. Taken in Martinsville, NJ, USA with a Canon 6D, ISO 1600 using 12x 15 seconds.
Awesome close up Al, thanks.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

N16/NGC 6611 "Eagle Nebula" looks great in NJAA's local area

M16/NGC 6611 - The Eagle Nebula is a star forming region in the constellation Serpens. The gas and dust clouds at the center of the nebula is known as "The Pillars of Creation" as seen by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope's images.
Tim Schott used his 10" Third Planet Optics RC Truss scope with a Nikon D850a on a Losmandy G11 from Easton, Pennsylvania. 
Well done, Tim, looking to see more of your work.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Comet C2020 (NEOWISE) viewed from a Somerst County Park

I took these images from the parking lot of a local park in central NJ... the important feature there is a view all the way down to the western - northern  horizon. Some small bushes block a little view but I think that adds to the photo! I used a Nikon DSLR with a 28 - 300mm lens at 28mm and 105mm. Exposure was ISO 1000, 10" at f5.6 on a tripod and the self-timer.
Keith Marley

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Pandemic Has A Bright Side

The Covid 19 Pandemic has had a effect on us all, but Tim Schott shows there is still some beauty in the world with this image of the NEOWISE C/2020 Comet. No details of how he got the shot, but its awesome!
Thanks Tim,

The COVID 19 Pandemic Allows Time For Al Ernst To Get Great Images From His Home

Al Ernst took this image of M63 from his home in suburban Bridgewater, NJ. It's composed of a total of three hours accumulation of photos using Blue, Green and Ha filters with a C-14 and QSI 583 camera. It's amazing that filtered imaging can do in heavily light polluted areas.
Thanks Al