Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Al Ernst's image of NGC 1491, located in Perseus

NGC-1491 is a faint emission nebula approximately 11,000 ly from Earth. This image was taken in late November from Al's Bridgewater, NJ observatory, using a C-14/f7.7 telescope, a QSI-583 camera and narrowband Ha and Oiii filters, with one hour of 5-minute subs in each band.  Processing was in Nebulosity and Photoshop.

Thanks for the submission Al,


Sunday, February 14, 2021

Al Ernst is getting great results during the winter's cold, clear sky

I love the faint tendrils visible in this great shot of the Horsehead Nebula taken in Al's backyard using a QSI-583 camera, C-14 scope. It consists of twelve five minute subs through each of Oiii and Ha filters,   



Thursday, January 7, 2021

 I haven't heard from anyone lately so I'll just add a few of my Moon shots that I took before Christmas.  I was rushing to set up the scope in my driveway by the road to get the Jupiter / Saturn Conjunction as the clouds were coming in fast. Low in the sky by the western horizon where the event was taking place was a small hole in the clouds that lasted about 15 minutes. But just as I got it centered in my scope, a few neighbor families and their kids came to see what I was doing. For the next ten minutes I showed everyone the conjunction, to "Wow! I can see Saturn's ring and Jupiter's moons too".

Then it disappeared!

The clouds covered most of the sky, but I spent about fifteen minutes getting these shots of the moon before it too disappeared for the night. Since then only one or two nights were cloudless, with another night that was clear but with a lot of haze.