Sunday, October 18, 2015

Huge Solar Prominence

I went to the observatory today to pick up a Ha scope for my outreach at a local high school this coming Tuesday. There was a huge QO team (8 people!) with all the solar scopes already outside showing the public the sun between clouds. It seems we have a lot of excellent new QO's in training.

When I looked through the 90mm Ha scope I was amazed to see this massive prominence coming out of sunspot (probably will be given #2436... it wasn't yet numbered at the time of this writing) and then crossing the limb to retreat back into the solar chomosphere on the back side. 
Beautuful! That view from the 90mm Ha filter on the Teleview 80 is v-e-r-y impressive.
I plan to have my 102mm ES with a Lunt Solar Diagonal alongside this scope for the kids.
It's supposed to be a nice clear day, but I'm still keeping the fingers crossed.
I took this image with my Samsung S5.
Keith Marley

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