Monday, May 18, 2020

Thor's Helmet, NGC 2359

Al Ernst took this amazing image from the light-polluted suburban skies of Bridgewater, New Jersey. Being a long-time member of NJAA, Al knew exactly how to beat that problem.... by using Ha and Oiii filters he would block out much of that unwanted glare.
He took four hours of 10 minute subs to build up enough photons to produce this amazing image. Al's equipment for the job was his QSI-583 camera and his NP127is scope.
Thanks Al,

Thors Helmet, (NGC 2359 by Al Ernst

Thursday, April 30, 2020

The new phenomenon; watch the "Skytrain" pass by your neighborhood...

With more countries and companies launching satellites to get on the new gravy-train, having a peaceful night with your telescopes, watching the stars, will mean frequent intrusions by skytrains sailing past your dark sky.
Here is a video of Starlink in the evening sky taken by member Tim Schott from his eastern PA observatory. You'll need to make the video full screen on a laptop or a larger monitor to see.  The stream is above the trees and below the small star near the center. If you don't see it , try again looking just above the tree line.
Thanks for sharing Tim.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Coronavirus has everyone being very cautious

The NJAA Board Of Governors has decided to postpone any immediate meetings at the observatory. Our one March lecture has been officially postponed and the club's website will reflect the changes and our regularly scheduled summer public Saturday and Sunday tours are still posted as being open. Duty QO's have been (or will be soon) instructed to only let groups of less than 12 people into any of the buildings at one time, favoring loose gatherings.
Obviously time will determine further action. We are optimistic that the onset of warm weather will minimize the effects this virus will have and allow us to return to business as usual.
Thanks for your understanding,