Thursday, August 20, 2020

Another great Tim Schott shot...!

 Tim took this great shot of the Cosmic Rosebud Nebula (NGC7129), a reflection nebula in the constellation Cepheus on the night of August 19, 2020

This was taken from his home observatory in Easton, PA, USA
using his 10"Third Planet Optics RC Truss scope on a Losmandy G11 mount with a Nikon D810a camera.

Nice job, Tim...


This is the same shot sent from Tim as he did some more post processing.... I'm leaving the original shot in the post so you can see the difference that post processing can make in astro imaging.
The last image shows that the nebula is actually much more extensive and colored.
Thanks for the extra work, Tim.

About the nebula; it is about 3,300ly  from Earth and is lit by a young open cluster of more than 130 stars. It's apparent magnitude is 11.7, so you would need a telescope to see it. The rosy-pinkish and gray color is probably "from hydrocarbon rich molecular material" while "three very young stars near the center of the nebula are sending jets of supersonic gas into the cloud. The collision of these jets heats carbon monoxide molecules in the nebula."

The quotes are from Wikipedia

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