Tuesday, December 8, 2015

M31: The Great Galaxy in Andromeda

Its taken over a year of imaging and collaboration with Jim Roselli to get here, but I've finally made an image that I am truly proud of.  An image of the Andromeda Galaxy, made with some modest gear:  A Canon 550d (t2i) a Canon 75-300mm f/4-5.6 kit lens, and a kenko skymemo equatorial mount.  Took 100 120 second images of the galaxy at f/8 and ISO 1600. 95 of the best images were median stacked in deep sky stacker. The outputted image was then processed in Pixinsight and some final tweaks were made in Photoshop CC, this is the image.
Judson Graham


  1. As one of our youngest members of NJAA, Judson's passion for astrophotography is an inspiration to all. Like many things that are rewarding in life, AstroPhotography is a journey which delivers challenges at almost every step along the way. Having the passion is not enough to deliver results. It takes hard work, discipline and lots of late nights to become proficient at capturing and processing at times, hundreds of images to produce a single composite.
    Over this last year, Judson has invested his time in learning what it takes to create these wonderful images.
    His scientific interest in AstroPhotography is something that I believe, will continue to drive him in his pursuit and I'm sure that we will soon see his work on APOD.
    Until then, we appreciate that he has taking the time and effort to display his work here.
    Congratulations Judson! We look forward to viewing more of your work.
    Jim Roselli
    President, NJAA

  2. Thanks Mr. Roeselli this really means a lot to me!

  3. Beautiful image Judson, especially considering you did with regular zoom lens. As I suggested last night, consider investing in good quality prime lens such as Canon's 200mm f2.8. It's optics is vastly superior to the kit zoom lens!

    Keep up the good work!