Friday, April 15, 2016

Last Weekend's NEAF

Hi all,
NJAA's booth received a lot of visitors... some were members, some were past members and many new people, most from all over the Northeast. The visitor that travelled the furthest was from Norway.

I manned our booth both days ~ it was great meeting so many amateur astronomers

Many mentioned our website and blog and liked our club's recent progress. All liked our array of telescopes available to our members especially our astro-imaging set up in Luna 1. Everyone also wanted to talk about the 26" and if we could image through it but the 14" Celestron Edge in Luna 2 was also a hit with the people that preferred viewing. Many wishing they could live closer to NJAA still took a card or membership application to join. 
Support comes in many ways.

26" imaging used to search for NEO's

14" peeks out of Luna 2

There were deals to be made everywhere
I hope to see you at the observatory ~ tell me you were at NEAF!!!

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