Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Possible Asteroid Impact On The Moon

A "possible asteroid impact on the moon is being discussed on the MPML Yahoo forum.
You read that headline right, although the chances are probably quite remote. We have 
a new close-approaching asteroid, 2016 RB1, that was just discovered and confirmed 
the past two days as approaching the earth very closely - an estimated 24,000 miles 
distant at closest pass.

All interest in this object has shifted, however, as possibly flying by so close that 
it might be perturbed gravitationally to impact with the MOON tomorrow, September 8at around sunrise in the northern hemisphere. Such an event would of course be extremely rare and would cause great interest and response to the possible consequences of such an impact".
This info is from by Dr Clay Sherrod​.... 

​This will be better observed (if it happens) from the southern hemisphere, and odds are that it likely will not occur as the moon is a very small target area ~ but if it does, we may soon be seeing images of the impact.

If you want to get up tomorrow morning a little before sunrise to try to see it, focus near the moon's south pole or better yet turn your video camera on and photograph it 
Good luck.

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