Monday, May 6, 2019

Threading The Needle (Galaxy)

At 10:40pm EDT on April 28, 2019, long-time member Perry Arts was imaging in his backyard in Branchburg, New Jersey. He was taking a series of pictures of the "Needle Galaxy"/ NGC4565 when an airplane tried to improve his view!
Here's the result:

The plane's presence kept Perry from trying to post process the image further, but he thought that "sometimes the fates align", so he presented it at the club's Astrophotography/Research meeting last week and everyone loved it!
After all, he said, "what are the chances that he would capture a fast moving plane precisely at that very a small part of the sky and be perfectly aligned with the galaxy"?
We all couldn't agree more, so here it is....
Hopefully Perry will send the finished image of the Needle so I can post it here with his artsy photo.
(PS ~ we think the two red "things" are the twin jet engines lit by the flashing red light.Unless, of course, it's the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D entering warp!)

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