Sunday, June 2, 2019

Result of using a Duo Band Ha-Oiii filter

Al Ernst writes:  
Club members might be interested in this experiment.

I recently purchased a duo-band Ha-Oiii filter. It was installed on a STL4020cm one shot color camera and used with the telescope at St Joseph HS observatory in Metuchen, NJ where the light pollution yields an SQM of 18.3.

Thus, a worse case scenario.

Images were tried of a star cluster, a galaxy and a planetary nebula ~ M97.
Only the latter came out well.

Club members with DSLRs or OSC cameras might want to give this approach a try.

C-14 f7 at St Joseph HS Observatory in Metuchen, NJ
SBIG STL4020cm with duo-band Ha-Oiii filter
23x5 minutes
1x1 bin
Processed in Nebulosity and Photoshop by Al Ernst and Rick Kelly

Thanks for the heads up Al.
I also read in the current Sky & Telescope that Lumicon has released their "new and  improved" Generation-3 Oiii filter.... and the price seems right too ~ $100 for the 1.25" version and $200 for the 2 inch! Here's Al's image using the impressive duo-band Ha-Oiii filter.   - Keith

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