Saturday, September 5, 2015

NJAA AstroPhotography Group Image Publication - NGC7000

The journey to deep field AstroPhotography is fraught with technical challenges all along the way.
However, when dedication and perseverance are applied, the results are indeed rewarding.  
The NJAA AstroPhotography Group has combined their efforts to capture NGC7000 and The Cygnus Wall using Luna 1.
Luna 1 is configured with a Takahashi TOA130 Refractor (1100mm) and a Starlight Xpress 8300 monochrome camera.  For this capture, a narrow band HA (Hydrogen Alpha) filter was used.  Automated digital focusing was applied between subs to maintain uniformity.  During the capture, the camera was electronically cooled to help reduce the inherent noise in CCD’s from long exposures.  This link will take you to view a gallery of images showing Luna 1’s imaging system. 
The image is a series of 16 x 20min captures for a total of 5.3 hours of total exposure that was gathered over several days.  
Post processing included registration, stacking, calibration, noise reduction, minor levels adjustment and cosmetic retouching.  Final crop and frame to enhance the viewing.
As you can see in this remarkable image, there is an extraordinary amount of nebulosity detail to investigate.  Also the ability of the telescope to resolve the smallest degree of separation between the stars is simply amazing.
This image is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished by our NJAA members.
NJAA Members interested in joining the group to learn more about AstroPhotography, be sure to attend our meetings that take place the first Friday of each month at 8:00PM.  
Also, be sure to read “Research and AstroPhotography” on the “Members Only" page so that you can signup for the groups eMail list and be notified when members are going to the observatory to image for the evening.
If you are not a member of NJAA and would like to join to participate in our group, please visit
Clear Skies,
NJAA AstroPhotography Group

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