Thursday, August 27, 2015

No luck Wednesday night!

Wednesday night I took my 102mm ES refractor out to get some lunar CCD shots.... but my mount would have none of that!
For some reason it slewed nowhere near the moon, so I tried a couple more times from  the Home Position. Finally I did a factory reset and tried one more time. I wasn't close and now it started slewing a little while after it stops . It started slewing on it's own a couple times then I shut it down. 
About then two kids riding their bikes home stopped to see what was going on so I brought my 10" Dob out to show them the moon and Mizar before some clouds covered most of the sky.
At least they seemed to have fun and one kid even saw a "shooting star".
So the night ended up a bust for me but some kids had a nice time at least... it's not all bad.

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