Monday, August 17, 2015

Perseid Meteor Shoots Past Andromeda & M32

Tim Benko took this awesome picture on Thursday night into Friday morning (August 13-14) 2015... the day after the peak. He 
captured this very nice Persied Meteor with the tell tale “Trail” of material behind it.
This material trail is technically known as a “Train”.  In this image you can see it as the green and the bottom of the meteor which seems to wrap around and follow it. Adjacent to the meteor are M31 & M32.  
The image was captured with a Canon T2i using a 50mm prime lens at F1.4.
Five exposures were stacked. Each exposure was 13 seconds at ISO 1600.
Special thanks to Jim Roselli for help with the processing.
[Keith - According to my American Meteor Society inquiry, the green glow is caused by Nickel, while the yellow is Sodium]

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