Sunday, December 21, 2014

Luna 2 Computer Installed !

First and foremost, we all must thank Tim Benko for his work today on Luna 2.

We now have a new computer installed in Luna 2.  The system has The SkyX Pro installed and the Camera Add in activated.  The system was successfully connected to the CGE Pro Mount and operated bi-directionly as featured in the software.  It was also tested with the Canon T2i connected via USB cable to the computer.  The SkyX was used to control both without issue.

This blog post just gives you a quick overview of how the equipment interoperates.  There will be demos and training in more detail in the next several weeks.  That being said, these are the exact steps that you would take to operate the setup.

Start  here...

1. Power on the mount.
2. Press ENTER button (see image below)  to wake up the scope
3. Wait for the gps sync or you can enter the date and time.
4. CGE Ready

Now that the scope is ready, power on the computer if not done so already.  Launch the SkyX Pro application by clicking on the "X" icon.

Click on the "Telescope" Tab on the left side of the display.
Click the "Connect" icon to connect to the mount.

The SkyX Pro Telescope cross hairs will now show the current position of the mount on the Sky Chart.

At this point you can use the SkyX to find an object and then "Slew" to it.

Also, you can use the hand controller to find targets and slew to them as well.  When you do, the SkyX software will follow along in the Sky Chart.

At this point you are free to explore the UNIVERSE !

When you are finished finding , tracking and photographing targets, you'll need to put the scope in the "Home" position and power it down.  

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Press "UNDO" until the display says "Cge Ready"
2.  Press "MENU"  (#3 button).
3.  Scroll the display using the #6 button (UP) or #9 button (DOWN) until you see "Utilities" on the display, then press the "ENTER" button.
4. Scroll again until you see "Home Position" on the display,  then press the "ENTER" button.
5. The display now says "GOTO".  Press "ENTER" and the mount will now move to a preset position.  WAIT FOR THE MOUNT TO FINISH ITS MOVEMENTS, THEN CONTINUE.
6. Press the "UNDO" button once, then scroll until "HIBERNATE" is on the display.
7. Press the "ENTER" button.  The mount is now in Hibernation mode.


8. power off scope

On telescope tab on the SkyX, press "Disconnect".  Close the SkyX and shutdown the computer.

Close the roof, shut of any lights that my be on and close the door behind you.

There you have it in summary fashion......

Again a huge THANK YOU to Tim for his extraordinary efforts today in putting this all together.

Now we just have to wait for clear skies.

Jim Roselli

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