Thursday, December 18, 2014

Testing DSLR camera configurations on Luna 2

NJAA has received a donation of a Canon T2i which is a wonderful addition to the already stellar equipment that members have access to. 

Last night Tim Benko and Jim Roselli went about testing configurations on how best to mount the camera on the Celestron 8" Edge Optics telescope in Luna 2.

Tim just acquired the proper adapters to connect both Nikon and Canon cameras at prime focus on the scope.  Prime focus will be one of the methods used to image with the system.  

NJAA has a fleet of Canon lens for use with the T2i.  Specifically a Canon 50mm and 135mm primes as well as a Sigma Mirror Telephoto Fixed F8-600mm.

Over the next few weeks we will be installing a permanent guide cam setup using a Starlight Xpress Load Star.  We will also be testing other mounting options when using DSLR atop the scope.

Here are a few pictures of the testing.  Tim is authoring an article for AstroNotes regarding this project.

Stay Tuned as we continue this journey ...
Jim Roselli

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