Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NJAA Astrophotography & Research Group Alerts

It can be challenging at times to let members of your group stay informed about events.  While NJAA  does have a calendar, its much easier to "SMS" text or email a quick note about what's happening.

This is exactly the purpose behind a website serviced called "RainedOut.net". 

"RainedOut" is a quick and simple service to let a group (small or large) know about events.

At NJAA we are weather and seeing dependent so scheduled and impromptu events can be rescheduled or cancelled at a moments notice. 

With this in mind, I created an account for NJAA on "RainedOut.com" so that anyone can subscribe to one of our groups and receive instant eMail or SMS status alerts.

Admin's for the Astrophotography group are: Keith Marley & Les Tilly.
Admin for the Research group is Bill Anthony.

These admins can log into "RainedOut" and can send group messages / alerts such as:

I'm on the way to NJAA to image with LUNA1, please join me.
Going to use LUNA2 for video astronomy tonight, need help with the setup. Call me.
Don't forget to attend the Research Group Meeting this Friday.

You get the idea.  Quick & Simple messages to keep you up to date.

Signup is very simple and you can if you like, remove yourself from receiving messages anytime!

First, click HERE to launch a new browser window at "RainedOut".

When you see the screen below, type in "NJAA" and press search.
You will then see, New Jersey Astronomical Association. Click on the name.
Now enter your telephone number or eMail address. You will be sent a verification code to the address or number you entered.  Enter that code when asked.
You can then select which group or groups you would like to subscribe to.

When you click on "Subscribe" you will then see a notification in green confirming your request has been successfully completed.  Please note that it is NOT necessary to subscribe to a "Private Group".
For the group(s) that you are subscribed to, you will see "Unsubscribe" next to their name as another confirmation that you are indeed "Subscribed"... 

Remember that you can unsubscribe anytime if you no longer desire to receive these alerts.

Please be advised that non of the admins can see your email address or telephone number information.  They can only see how many have subscribed to their group.  Also this information will not be used by "RainedOut" for anything other than the intended purpose.

Thanks for subscribing...
Jim Roselli

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